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Want to compete but don’t know how to go from the gym floor to the stage? To those not familiar with the process it can be overwhelming and complicated. Our Comp Prep packages help with making the whole process easy to follow to help maximise your results, both in the gym and most importantly on stage.

Our packages are developed to build a solid strategy leading into your competition. We cover everything from training programs, nutrition plans and posing. The aim of the package is to make your journey to the stage an exciting and fun experience. Our aim is to minimise the stress about what you should, and what you shouldn’t be doing!

Programs individually customised to your:

  • Current conditioning and fitness level
  • Specific goals: bikini / fitness / physique / body building
  • Designed according to your lifestyle
  • Tailored for your specific requirements: injuries, health conditions etc

All programs contain the following variety:

  • Strength & conditioning
  • Cardio routines
  • Fat blasting HIIT routines
  • Core shredding routines
  • Free weights, machine weights & body weight routines

Program Phases

Our competition packages are broken down into certain phases, to ensure you are begining with the phase that is best suited to your current fitness level.

Each phase of the program has been designed to target areas that require attention and assistance.


Each program consist of 4 week phases dependent on specific goals:

  1. Phase one – Technique
  2. Phase two – Loading
  3. Phase three – Isolation
  4. Phase four – Fat burning

Choose a program:

Comp Prep16 weeks

$140 per week @
2x “one on one session” per week


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