This question is vital to everyone who is serious about taking a step towards their fitness goals. Choosing to train with a trainer can become a challenging and intimidating decision to make, and often people don’t even know where to start.

Having worked in the fitness industry for several years I have come to notice most personal trainers are not actually that accessible and don’t realise how hard it can be for a first timers to the gym to come up and approach them to enquire about training.

With my latest venture at Rezolution Fitness we’ve taken this into account and eliminated the intimidation or awkwardness out of making that decision. For us, it’s all about understanding what the client or person starting out is wanting to achieve and from there we can recommend a trainer for you. Ideally it’s someone that specialises in the areas you are looking to work on. Be that, fat loss, bikini body, body building or getting shredded for summer.

But why go with a Personal Trainer?

I ask anyone before they decide to train with a trainer to ensure they enter into this journey whole heartedly, openly and willing to learn. Remember, you are seeking a professional’s opinion and investing in their service so it’s essential you listen, learn and follow the advice given to you. Many times people enter with the wrong attitude and therefore do not get the results they desire.

The benefits of enlisting with a personal trainer are vast and the list is endless.

One of the main benefits is that you can be confident in knowing that you are not alone, you are going to have somebody by your side the entire journey, and most importantly it’s someone who cares about your results. Remember a personal trainer’s success, is your success, so it’s in their best interests to help you at every step of the way.

A personal trainer is there to motivate you and push you through the mental barriers that would generally hold you back from hitting a new personal best, or quash any doubt you might have about lifting a certain weight, or doing a certain movement. This is invaluable when it comes to training. The fitness journey is a constant mental battle that can supress you from your goals. Having a personal trainer there will aid in blocking out the internal chatter and will elevate you through motivation.

Be that you a gym newbie, or a season vet, we all need someone to monitor our form, correct our technique and aid in preventing injuries happen. A personal trainer is your gym guru. They will be able to teach you lifting methods, tips and tricks in regards to correct form all of which you will keep and use throughout your life and you’ll use them every time you step inside a gym. This above all is one of the most important reasons for enlisting a Personal Trainer, they prevent you from doing something silly and you getting an injury.

Another area where a Personal Trainer will make a world of difference is intensity. A good Personal Trainer will be able to monitor and assess on the fly if certain exercises are too easy, or you are just gliding through the exercise and if that is the case they can then implement a change of intensity, change of tempo or simply up the weight or the speed.

Most people when they’re done and dusted after a gym session they simply pack up, think the workout was good, bad or average, and then head home without really thinking about the workout in great depth. A personal trainer is there to give you feedback, praise or inform you of areas that need work. It is important that you seek this out each time. This is something you can simply not do yourself. A personal trainer is giving you information on what you need to do to push forward and reach that goal!

Overall, there is no doubt in my mind that it most beneficial in having a Personal Trainer, no matter what your level is. You ask anyone that has had one, their PT sessions are far more intense, their results are better, they learn more, they are more confident from the motivation and praise and they learn more about training each time.

If you’re interested in enlisting a Personal Trainer, check out our website for more information.

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