You story? (Tell us a bit about your lifestyle background/insight and what lead you to wanting to make a change)

I have always been pretty fit and health conscious, training 5 days a week, eating relatively healthy and always conscious about a better lifestyle. Although I trained extremely hard and thought my nutrition was up there, I just could never ever get my abs to pop! So ultimately I made the decision to take my fitness to the next level and get myself a PT. With me it is not about sustaining a healthy lifestyle, but pushing myself to the next level and I needed to find someone more head strong then I to do just that!

When you started your journey, what was your goal? (Your Rezolution for change?)

ABS ABS ABS. I wanted ABS. How dare I not have abs after hours of training! I wanted to be pushed, I wanted to learn more and I wanted to understand my body better. What it likes, dislikes, and what needs to be done to achieve those results I was craving!

Half way through my 12 Week Plan I decided to compete in a Bodybuilding competition, slightly encourage by my PT – to which things than got extremely serious. Food tightened, cardio was increased and fatigue kicked in! It was only 2 weeks out and my body transformed so much with muscle definition that I even stepped up to the fitness category. My goal was to get up on stage with pride and accomplishment! And I achieved that!

How was your Journey? (How did you find the program, what did you like?)

Honestly? Was not easy! I was given an option of 2 plans, a 16 week or 12 week, and of course stubborn me picked the 12 week. It was pretty strict and required A LOT of commitment if you wanted the results but the support was unreal! Simon was a great PT and coach! He was supportive, aggressive (in a positive way), responsive and accommodating to my needs. He did not accept bull and I appreciated that because it pushed me further to achieve my goal. Yes it was the most intense 12 weeks I’ve had to endure by far but it is literally a lifetime achievement and my body and mind and knowledge is at its best.

What difference has this made in your life? (Achievement)

Everything! Knowledge is power. Power leads to success! I now know how my body reacts to exercises, foods and just in general life. I’ve learned so much about nutrition for the mind and body, the importance of cardio – YES CARDIO and how to activate muscle groups to enhance definition. Besides the fun stuff – I COMPETED and I am competing again. There is no way I could have done this without Simon. I would still be doing the same exercises and not achieving anything different.

Would you recommend REZOLUTION FITNESS and why?

Definitely. YOU WANT RESULTS,, THIS IS THE PLACE. But you have to work for it! What will you get out of it? Coaching, support, knowledge and more importantly friendship. Your trainer actually cares and wants to see you succeed. I know because I received support above and beyond what was agreed. Simon was at my side every day leading up to my comp and till this day a good friend of mine! Very rare to find PTs like that! I am a better person physically and mentally then I was before I trained with him and I can confidently recommend these guys to anyone!

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