Nick Heath

You story?

I went to the gym 3-4 times a week and generally complete the same exercise routine and found little to no results. With a wedding coming up in November, I decided for this major life milestone I wanted to be looking my best therefore, I decided to undertake a 3 month program with a personal trainer. I had never had a personal trainer and was sceptical at what benefits they could provide. I knew of Simon and based on his physique I thought it would be best to use a PT who has the goals I wanted to attain. 


When you started your journey, what was your Rezolution?

I set the unrealistic goal of a 6 pack…. Or so I thought. .


How was your Journey?

It was an amazing experience. I was delighted with what I was able to accomplish across all aspects; the level of self-discipline (with respect to diet and exercise), increase in the amount of weight I could squat and lift, the change in physical aesthetic, endurance etc.

My journey can be best summarised as a major learning experience which was thoroughly enjoyable. I learned about the deficiencies in my diet, I learned I was under eating which was hindering my results.  In my very first PT session it was clear why I had not to date obtained any results, my technique for lifting weights was incorrect, Simon worked with me to improve my technique and ensure I completed my exercises the correct way, I quickly realised the benefits of a Personal Trainer and found Simon made sure I did the exercises with the correct technique instead of just lifting heavy weights which I thought a PT would be focused on. Simon is constantly supporting and pushing me in the PT sessions always in a positive manner. I found the programs provided were varied which never allowed me to get bored of my routine and it is very convenient having it on your phone.    


What difference has this made in your life? 

This experience has been life changing, I have never felt or looked better, I wont ever go back to how I was previously, I thoroughly enjoy going to the gym.


Would you recommend REZOLUTION FITNESS and why?

Yes, I already have to numerous people, The experience has been such a positive one thanks largely to Rezolution fitness.

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