You story? (Tell us a bit about your lifestyle background/insight and what lead you to wanting to make a change)

My background being in the Pilbara for 13 years, I use to always binge drink on the weekends with friends and then cure the hangover with McDonalds. Moving to Perth I became very isolated from everyone I knew, still continuing the bad habits of binge drinking every chance I got due to emotional stress at the time. It lead me to become very isolated, unhappy and disappointed with myself as a person. What lead me to wanting to make a change was I was fed up looking in the mirror and feeling disgusted with myself. I wanted to finally try make a change instead of sitting and complaining how bad I felt for myself.

When you started your journey, what was your goal? (Your Rezolution for change?)

My original goal was to loose a couple of kilos and also try to start creating more healthy habits for myself. Also re-gain some confidence I had lost.

How was your Journey? (How did you find the program, what did you like?) My journey was tough but amazing, with the support of Simon even the rough times when I wanted to give up or just not care anymore. Simon would re-mind of why I was doing this and give me the drive and motivation to keep smashing my goals. The program was great, always challenging me and keeping on my toes and consistently surprised me with what my body was actually capable of.

What difference has this made in your life? (Achievement)

The difference this has made in my life has been life changing. It has given me so much confidence within myself and have learnt so much about my life and that I am capable of doing anything I set my mind to, no matter what outside influences may say.

Would you recommend REZOLUTION FITNESS and why?

I would recommend REZOLUTION FITNESS because the support system is amazing, the programs and training sessions are always fun no matter how bad I felt going into training, I always came out feeling 100 times better.

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