Tell us about your story?

I have always had a passion for fitness, from the first day I started lifting weights I haven’t looked back. I work full time as Sales Manager in a 4×4 Shop and love to explore and see the outdoors. I’m also a full time student studying online in a Diploma of Project Management.

Regarding my reason to compete, I have been telling myself for many years I would do it, I kept telling myself I would commit, but never actually made the decision until I spoke with Simon from Rezolution Fitness.


When you started your journey, what was your goal, what was your Rezolution?

When I first started going to the gym and lifting weights my goal was to get BIG!!! But over the years you put in lots of hard work and it all takes time, so I set myself goals and barriers to break. MY first goal was to compete in a Fitness competition.


How was your Journey?

My 8-week prep with Simon from Rezolution Fitness was an awesome experience. Even though it was a pretty short prep compared to most other competitors, I was very happy with my overall results. The prep was a great learning experience. It was hard to cut out some of the foods I love, but I have learnt that hard work and sticking to a diet, and a great training regime you can really see your goals become clear and you will get the results you are after.


What ways did having a coach help you?

Having a coach helped me not only with pushing myself beyond what I normally would do training wise and in the gym, but also helped me to stick to a diet.  Whenever I had questions to ask Simon was happy to help me out and give me answers and tips.


Did you reach your goal and were you satisfied with the end result?

I did reach my goals, as I got my body conditioned to the right levels for competition. I was over the moon with my final results at the ICN competition. I had never looked so good in my life and I felt super fit. Definitely satisfied!!!


Would you recommend REZOLUTION FITNESS and why?

I would definitely recommend Rezolution Fitness to anyone wanting to put on muscle mass, lose weight, compete, or for general PT classes. Simon’s training program, macros guide, and all the tips and info he knows will definitely help anyone that’s wanting to achieve their goals and willing to push through to achieve them.

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