Hana’s story?

I grew up in a family that valued active living, and I have always been fit and healthy. As a kid was highly competitive, I loved being outdoors and engaging in sports. My childhood memories include backyard cricket with my brother, basketball at the park with my dad, athletics, gymnastics, netball, roller-skating, and bike riding. I was the champion girl at athletics at school and I made state netball squads. My mum cooked all of our meals, and we hardly ate any processed food.
Fast track to my years at University, and exercise and fitness took a backseat. I discovered fast food, alcohol and partying.

Soon enough it all caught up with me, and so did my appearance and confidence. I had gained about 10kg. I remember always feeling tired, bloated and fitting into my clothes was a struggle.
After a few years of being unhappy with myself, I decided I needed to make a change. I wanted to get back to feeling like the ‘me’ I used to be. I put my university degree on hold and took time out from my lifestyle.
I got my eating back on track and got into running. The weight came off and so did the old me. For years I became hooked on running.

Gyms had always intimidated me, and lifting weights was a foreign world. However after years of being a runner, I needed a change. I put on my big girl pants and decided to join a gym and get a Personal Trainer. I knew that I would need a PT to enter the scary world of strength training! Once I started lifting some weights, I was hooked.
I had tried a few different Personal Trainers, before I started training with Simon. He has definitely pushed me like no one else, but at the same time made training more enjoyable than anyone else. Three years on and I am still his favourite client.

When you started your journey, what was your goal?

When I first started training with Simon, I wanted to lose a little bit of weight, and maintain it, in a way that didn’t involve hours of cardio.
I also wanted to create tone in body. The areas I wanted to target were my back arms and abs. My back and arms are looking pretty good these days, but I am still working on those elusive abs!

How did you find the journey with Rezolution?

When I first started training with Simon, strength training and weights were new to me. It was a challenge! 3 years on….it is still a challenge! I don’t think it ever gets easier, you just get better! I don’t think I have ever left a session without having been pushed to my absolute limits.
Looking back, I have gained so much strength over the years. I never imagined I could be doing some of the things that I can now do. I remember when I first started I could barely leg press 40kg without feeling like my legs would collapse. I had no idea how to do a deadlift, and we had to train with the bar, as it was too heavy for me to lift with any plates on! Times have definitely changed!
What’s keeps me coming back is that I feel Simon actually listens to me. He pushes and challenges me beyond belief during training, but he also listens, respects my experience and knows when to ease off when I need it. He offers guidance and support.
Simon cares about me as a person and wants me to achieve my best (in and out of the gym). He takes a no bull approach to training. He doesn’t accept excuses (and yes, I have tried!) and we work hard towards achieving the goals we have set. Whist it is hard work, the sense of achievement is amazing. Sometimes I doubt myself, but Simon definitely helps me realise what I am capable of.

I leave every session feeling like I can tackle anything.

What difference has this made in your life?

Physically, when I first started, my body changed quite quickly. I definitely gained the ‘tone’ I was after and people commented on my body.
These days whilst the physical changes are more subtle, I can feel myself getting stronger.
For me, being physically strong is such an empowering feeling. Being strong and fit makes you feel confident and amazing. The confidence translates to all facets of your life. I believe that many of my achievements in my personal life, can be put down to feeling happy, strong and confident, which stems from my training.

Would you recommend REZOLUTION FITNESS and why?

Definitely. Stop dreaming about what you want to achieve and go for it. Training has become such an important part of my life, and Simon has helped me achieve some truly amazing results.

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