Your story?

I have competed in 10 competitions over five seasons and three years now. My last competition was October 2015 and felt that after 18 months off it was time for me to compete again. I felt like I had made some good progress in the gym in terms of muscle growth and wanted to see my improvements by getting ready for a competition. I have only previously competed in one season as a fitness model and was eager to see how I could improve on my last package.

I lead a reasonably healthy lifestyle but don’t count macros and weigh my food when I am not competing. I like to think my diet is balanced and I enjoy “naughty” food in moderation. I hit the gym 5/6 times per week and sometimes incorporate outdoor cardio like Jacobs Ladder when and if I feel like it.

I work full time so always try to be prepared and on the upside I thrive on being in a routine, it really helps me to stay consistent.


When you started your journey what was your goal, your rezolution?

When I met with Simon my goal was to compete in a fitness competition in May 2017. I wanted to look better than I’ve ever looked and come in leaner than previous competitions. I had 18 months in between competitions, October 2015 and May 2017 so I really wanted to make sure all of my hard work was showcased, bringing my best package yet.


How was your Journey?

Simon and I had our first consultation about 16 weeks out from competition, we discussed and decided on a 14 week preparation to ensure I had enough time to be in the best condition possible. We had a chat about Simon’s methods and also what worked best for my lifestyle. We discussed goals in terms of what body fat percentage goals for this competition (Sportsmodel division), around 10%. My first check-in was 14 weeks out, the start of my prep, where I measured 21% body fat. I checked in with Simon every fortnight and he would put me through a personal training session. From each check-in he sent me my new macros to ensure I was on track to reach my goal. As we got closer to competition time I saw him weekly. Not one point during my prep did my calories drop below 1600 daily, I was never hungry and always had energy for the gym. Some check-ins were better than others but overall I consistently dropped body fat under the guidance of Simon. He was very honest with me and would tell me when I needed to push harder. I would say that I found my prep somewhat of a breeze up until 4-6 weeks out. Using the IIFYM but keeping it clean enabled me the flexibility to plan my own diet, incorporating foods that I ate on a regular basis and found easy to work with and that also fit my budget. One of the things that surprised me during this prep was how helpful having a team behind you can be, there were two other girls also competing and we would get together with Simon to do a workout and check in. It was so helpful being able to talk about anything from our delicious food cravings to what we were finding hard that week, and to also be comforted in the fact that they were having the same up and down feeling at times. Simon created such a sense of team between us that I really appreciated.


What ways did having a coach help you?

For me personally having a coach is all about holding me accountable, knowing that I am going to be measured every fortnight and wanting to have a decent drop is motivation enough for me to stick to the plan. Without the accountability I don’t think I would have achieved the physique I did. I could also rely and trust that Simon would get me where I needed to be for the competition and I could contact him with any questions or concerns I may be having. Simon is very knowledgeable on nutrition and training which made me feel comfortable placing my trust in him. It also took some stress off me by having somebody I could rely on to be honest with me and giving me a push when I needed it. I was able to gain a lot of knowledge from Simon which I can now apply myself to future preparations or just life in general.


Did you reach your goal and were you satisfied with the end result?

Absolutely, I am so please with the whole package I brought to the stage and could see major improvements in my physique since my last competition in October 2015.


Aside from the end result I feel that I had a more stress free prep and approached it differently to others in the past. I felt more in control with fewer cravings and was much more regimented with my cardio and diet. I have learnt through numerous preps what works well for me and Simon was able to adapt to that whilst also experimenting with different foods and training styles.


Would you recommend REZOLUTION FITNESS and why?

If you want to feel like part of a team with the support and guidance of an amazing coach I would definitely recommend Rezolution Fitness. Communication was at the forefront between Simon and myself and didn’t have to turn my lifestyle upside down to fit his way of dieting and training; I was able to maintain some level of normality. Post competition Simon has continued to remain in touch to support me with reverse dieting and we are already looking to the future for my next competition.

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