Tell us about your story – Your lifestyle, background and what lead you to wanting to make a change?

 I had been going to the gym around 3 times a week for about 3 years. I was semi-aware of the benefits of having a personal trainer but I considered I was doing pretty well of going through the motions of my weekly workouts. In the lead up to my wedding in November 2017 I decided to would make the investment of going through a 3 month program with a personal trainer.


When you started your journey, what was your goal?

Initially, my goal was quite general, lose sufficient body fat so that I felt ‘my best self’ at the wedding. I want to be able to look back at the photos in 20 years’ time and think, ‘Yep, I looked that good!” As I progressed through the program, I was motivated by the results I was seeing and decided to set a goal of 15% body fat.


How was your journey with Rezolution Fitness?

It was an amazing experience. I was delighted with what I was able to accomplish across all aspects; the level of self-discipline (with respect to diet and exercise), increase in the amount of weight I could squat and lift, the change in physical aesthetic, endurance etc.

I realised that the value received for the amount I paid for my personal trainer was so much more than I initially expected. In addition to the one on one training sessions, I received periodic ‘check-ins’ where I could discuss my experience and check my progress (with numbers, my favourite), 5 customised workout programs for me to follow when I train myself, 24/7 access to my coach to ask any question or for general support and customised nutrition plans for each phase of my program.


What difference has this made in your life?  

It has given me a spike in self-confidence. I did not expect to achieve the results I did. So now I know that I’ve done it, I can do many other things.


Would you recommend REZOLUTION FITNESS and why?

Yes, I would highly recommend. It all comes down to the personal relationship you have with the service provider and mine was strong. I trusted Simon’s capabilities and experience and was rewarded with the unwavering support and expert instruction to achieve the results.


If you’d like to make a rezolution and start your journey, contact us today!

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