You story? (Tell us a bit about your lifestyle background/insight and what lead you to wanting to make a change)

I am a professional working person who spends more time at work then at play. I use time at the gym to help with energy, fitness and mental health. Weight loss was another goal. Although I went to the gym and would work out several times a week, I found I was not achieving any goals as I really had no set plan or how to measure progress. I had often considered a trainer as I had one in the past but as I would watch the trainers none seem to be one that I would feel was right for me.

When you started your journey, what was your goal? (Your Rezolution for change?)

My goal was over all fitness, weight loss and improved strength

How was your Journey? (How did you find the program, what did you like?)

The journey continues and it has been a good experience. The goals did not seem impossible once I started seeing results – which was quite quickly. I probably liked the best that Simon listened to what I wanted out of training and did not have the idea that everyone should have body builder bodies. Also important was helping with nutrition plans. Workouts are varied and interesting and we have fun. Important to me (but not to everyone), is that we can laugh when an exercise is not performed perfectly and at lots of other circumstances. Also there is genuine caring – you are not just a customer.

What difference has this made in your life? (Achievement)

I have lost a significant amount of weight and have improved in my overall fitness level as well as strength

Would you recommend REZOLUTION FITNESS and why?

Definitely would recommend. Results are achievable which provides a sense of accomplishment. Training is always positive and uplifting. As importantly is the kindness and care shown to everyone.

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