There is a reason inside of you, a vulnerability that’s stopping you reach your potential !! In this case i am talking about your fitness journey! In a lot of cases it’s taking the first step…. Taking that leap of faith, getting over that hurdle!!

I have been in the fitness industry over 10 years now,  I can  admit that I still have to ask for help sometimes. I am a very proud man but i still know that i don’t know everything, this can sometimes leave me feeling vulnerable and uneasy – however you should never be afraid to ask! When taking the first step to a fitness journey start off on the right foot by seeking the help of a professional. This will ensure you can set attainable goals  that are realistic to your end goal and inline with your current fitness levels – Start off by setting small goals, if weight loss is your goal set a specific short time frame with a small weight loss number – say 1 month = 1kg loss. What most fail to do here is reward themselves!! This is key when setting up the mind for the long term goals, REMEMBER a lot of small achievable goals will ultimately lead to reaching your END goal! So it is important to set yourself rewards along the way for completing those short term goals and a nice big reward for hitting that long awaiting END goal.

Once you have taken this leap of faith and jumped on board with a trainer it’s time to get serious, the journey is about to begin ! We have set our goals We have set our rewards! Now we eliminate objections !! Objections are the obstacles that are potentially going to derail us from our goals ! Oh hell no they are not we are going to prepare for these things such as events,dinners,parties, holidays etc !! Grab yourself a yearly or monthly planner and highlight such events! This way we can avoid being unprepared and lessen the chance of failure!

Remind yourself WHY

I notice a lot of people sometimes get comfortable in their routines or schedules and lose sight of the end goal or the reason they began this journey! This leads to lack of effort and a lack of enthusiasm towards their training and goals. Set reminders as to why you began this journey keep a journal of how you felt before you began, it can take up to 4 weeks before you notice any changes and 4 weeks can feel like a lifetime when you’re dieting and training!!


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