Setting yourself up for good habits

The seven years I have had in the industry I have trained many new comers to the gym that have come with a set goal that they want to achieve as soon as possible. With any goal, it starts with creating a new habit to your life style choices. Good Habits are not created overnight so start small, I like to set gradual progressions that are achievable so that response to training starts with a positive note.

Overtraining or training to much too soon in my experience is the number one issue that can cause stagnated results, this is due to the level of fatigue applied too early into someone’s training program making them feel very tired, demotivated and sore. These affects can cause what we call yoyoing this is when you start and stop training frequently resulting in no progression towards your goal.

For example

Setting a Training Routine is paramount if you don’t plan your weeks you’re not creating consistency and consistency is how we create a habit. Setting a training routine in the early stages doesn’t have to be overly complicated, start with set times and lock them into a calendar or an alarm set up. This will create fixed times and days during the week, remember to start small and build your way up, start with setting three times or alarms to remind you to train these days.

For example

(Week 1-4)

(Week 4-8)

Breaking poor habits takes time so don’t rush the process you have embarked on this new lifestyle choice to create a new you and like they say Rome wasn’t built in a day, I hope these few tips have given you some ideas to apply to your own goal and thank you for taking the time to read this blog.

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  1. Carmel

    Great advice Haydn.
    If you have set times that you can swap in good habits instead of blah time (surfing YouTube or Facebook) makes it easier to set the good habit. Changing 1 thing at a time not everything at once makes it easier.

    • Adam Becker

      Thanks for the feedback Carmel. We couldn’t agree more, changing one thing at a time is most ideal.

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