We’ve all done it! We’ve all set up a fitness goal in the past with the best intentions of achieving that dream body or fitness level. It’s the same old story. We start strong going every day, our eating is on point everything is going fine, and then…life happens!!

We start making excuses, things distract us, we get demotivated, our interest might suffer at times, it’s hard and the list goes on.

Well, fear not. We’ve devised a few times and tricks to help keep you on track, so you can keep reaching those rezolutions.


When setting a goal make sure to set up smaller goals that result in a reward along the way. For example if your goal was to lose 10kgs, every 2kg loss I would pick a reward for yourself as feel good incentive to keep you on track.

These can be anything you want new trainers, gym wear etc. By doing so it helps you to chip away at the overall goal and give you the sense of achievement rather than slogging it out the whole time and feeling like you’re not achieving anything.


This is key when it comes to making a change! This can be such things a meal preparation, you never want to be caught in a situation that leads to you having to miss a meal or substitute it for something not adequate enough! Also simple things like prepping your gym bag with clothing, supplementation, training accessories so that when you’re in the gym you are ready with no excuses or obstacles.

Making your plan visual

The idea to this tip is to create a visual goal. Write down your goals on things such as post it notes, a calendar, and reminders on your phone, Ipad or laptops. Some of you may even like to create a visualisation board. The reason for doing this is that goals can sometimes be brushed under the rug when life’s distractions are coming at you from every angle. By having visual reminders set up in different locations you are always being reminded of your goal.

Water intake

Yes, we just did say water. Vital to any goal is water consumption! I use this saying all the time ‘ would you wash your pots in dirty water? No, you wouldn’t! This is the same when it comes to the human body! We need water to help with hydration, blood flow, the ridding of toxins. Water is essential to our goals be that weight loss or bodybuilding. We need to treat out bodies like the temples that they are and keep them hydrated and purified.

Strip the fridges/pantries

This one is simple and effective! To stop the risk of slip ups and mishaps get rid of any crap in those fridges and pantries. You are a lot more likely to eat the right food if that is all that you have in the house. These are all habits that once fulfilled will last a lifetime.


This one is much more challenging but very rewarding. Research states it can take up to 28 days for something to become a habit. Given that, I recommend all new gym users to try this challenge. When starting out it is recommend you try and stick to your gym routine every single day for a month. Get in there, set a time and make it. After a month you should see that you will adapt both mentally, and physically to the point it will become second nature. This 28 day method can be applied to almost any aspect of life.


We certainly hope that our tips and tricks mentioned with our article helps you in regards to never failing a fitness goal again!

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