12th FEB! Exactly 12 weeks out from NABBA a time for many to begin their “official” prep! For us at Rezolution Fitness this meant prep for three of our members: Nathan Tinkler, Georgia Katos and Hana Ilijazi.

All three had very different starting physiques as well as competition experience! Georgia being a seasoned Vet in the competition world having won several comps and placing in most! Her physique is second to none and years of dedication show that J Georgia was a pleasure to coach her laid back attitude but focused mindset made the whole process an easy one. Georgia placed second in her fitness model category which I am super happy with and being a biased coach, my opinions is that she should have won! Next target, IFBB in March 2018 !! Watch this space.

Next, we had Hana Ilijazi, Hana has been training for a couple of years now but with no real direction so we finally took the plunge and decided to prep for a fitness competition! We knew from an early point that Hana would be slightly lacking in the lower body judging but her upper body is conditioned to the max! I refer to her as a weapon.  Hana’s prep was a little tougher as she is very intricate in everything she does therefore Hana just wanted to learn how and why we did everything, which sometimes lead to us bumping heads. But that didn’t faze us or stop us working together and Hana’s determination showed when she then decided to enter ICN the following week! So, for somebody who is competing for the first time to take it upon themselves to enter a second competition you knew she was driven.

Hana also placed second in her fitness division at NABBA which was amazing, her final conditioning was….. for lack of a better description “BONE DRY” she then went on to take out a 3rd and 5th at ICN with a much larger line up! So well done Hana.

Last but not least we had Nathan Tinkler! Nathan was new to personal training, let alone competing! But he had the determination and drive and was one focused client! With Nathan, we had to spend a lot of time altering his posture, mainly working on retracing his shoulders and upper back. We found that we struggled to activate his pecs during chest workouts due to his shoulders being so pronated (turned forwards) so extra focus and workouts were aimed at strengthening his upper back, rear delts and traps! Nathans starting BF percentage was slightly high to begin prep but we just implemented fasted cardio and HIIT earlier than usual. Nathan didn’t need any motivating or pushing he came to his workouts ready to WORK! And with his program outside of pt hours he always smashed them completed them and sent photos to prove it J you may see a lot of them on social media ha ha – Nathan placed second in men’s beach body division at NABBA – His conditioning was great and we look forward to seeing him improve for his next competition.

So to all who competed in NABBA first timers or seasoned pros’ congratulations you all showed that you are some tough and focused individuals!!! And I look forward to working with you all in the future.



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