Customised Program

Our Customised programs are designed specifically to you and your goals, be that fat loss, body transformation, competition prep or injury recovery and rehab. With your help, we assess what your goals are and what time frame you want to achieve these. Our Rezolution Customised Programs are perfect for individuals wanting a format to train solo at home or in the gym. It’s also perfect for those clients that don’t have direct access to a Rezolution Fitness Personal Trainer, boot camp or gym location.

Programs individually customised to your:

  • Current conditioning and Fitness level
  • Specific goals: Fat loss, body transformation, tone & shape
  • Designed around your lifestyle
  • Tailored to requirements; Injuries, rehab etc.

All programs will be a mixture of:

  • Strength & conditioning
  • Cardio & HIIT routines
  • Core shredding routines
  • Free weights, machine weights, body weight

Program Phases

We create our programs into four different phases. What phase you start on will depend on your fitness level and experience. Each phase is designed to help you target a certain area be that technique, loading, isolation and burning fat.

Each program consists of one, four week phase dependent on the specific goals.

  • Phase one – Technique
  • Phase two – Loading
  • Phase three – Isolation
  • Phase four – Fat burning

 Program Overview

  • Designed as 4, 5 or 6 days a week – depending on your time
  • Routines targeting specific body parts based on your goal
  • Setting out of exercise type, rep range, sets, weight, tempo and rest periods
  • Printable or Editable for you to log your progress
  • Training information and how to use guide

How it works

Once you’ve purchased our customised program you will be emailed by a Rezolution Fitness Personal Trainer. We’ll send you several questionnaires to help us best understand your goals, preferences, injuries and any obstacles that we may encounter. If we require any additional information to best assist us to give you the best possible program you may be contact via phone by one of our Personal Trainers. We then take this information and develop it into a fully customised program. Remember the program level and style will be fully individual to you, your goals and the information provided.  The program is then sent out via email in a PDF format. It is recommended that the program is printed out and bound.

Program price: Was $ 149.95


Limited time only – $99.95

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