I often get asked how do I lose this stubborn belly fat or how do I get a six pac ? The answer I give to these individuals is always different! This all depends on a person’s current conditioning as well as the person’s understanding of anatomy and the differences between  fat and muscle.

Firstly – losing stubborn belly fat is a process of a healthy eating regime and a fitness program. You firstly want to be in a calorie deficit every day to slowly start to reduce the body fat as a whole, by doing this you need to calculate your carbs, fats and protein levels to ensure you are optimizing results! Cardio is a must when serious about losing bodyfat and i recommend           Fasted cardio to start your day off on a fat burning journey! Remember you could have an amazing set of abs hidden beneath those layers of body fat however you will never see them if you don’t firstly lose that body fat.

Secondly – Water intake is essential when trying to lose that extra stubborn belly fat! Most people I have ever dealt with don’t drink anywhere near enough water. We firstly need to aim for a minimum each day – I recommend 1 litre per 23 kg of bodyweight so for example – you weigh 80kg I would aim for around 4 litres per day. Drinking this amount of water seems ludicrous at the beginning but after only a few days you will realise this is the norm and will forever reap the benefits! Hydration/Toxin Removal/weight loss/tighter skin the list goes on.

Thirdly – Be specific and realistic with how you want your abs to look and the reasoning behind why you wish to make them visible! Is it just for aesthetics, is it for functionality, is it for competition prep each one of these answers also has a different approach for example:

Competition prep – the look – lean tight narrow waistline – no heavy weights needed and to be honest not much attention focused on ab training, more focused on bringing the body fat levels down to numbers that are going to make those abs pop. too much weight training on the abs can be detrimental due to thickening of the abs makes the stomach appear thicker therefore losing that slim waist line look.

Aesthetics – I would be aiming for around 8-12 rep mark targeting rec abs, external obliques and the transverse abdominis, a lot of focus on turning the torso movements – we want every part of the “abdominals” to be visible – remember like any other muscle it is quality over quantity no need for round after round of 20+ reps just focus on squeezing and activating the TA and control all movements using minimal other muscles.

Functionality/Support – Here I like to get clients to focus on what we call in the industry as Plank holds or Plank ups – rather than holding the plank position for as long as possible and ending up recuperating a number of different muscles we are going to hold the plank for 8 seconds and then down/rest for 2 seconds and repeat for up to 15 repetitions.

This assists with activating core muscles – main focus transverse abdominis the main core muscle used when under heavy load – squat/dead-lift/bench etc.

Now start putting these practices into action!!! And enjoy being shredded all year round.

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  1. Asher Charles

    Lots of water wow! Totally makes sense tho, great info on the planks and reps. I’ll give the water a go today, I am always one to get thirsty and crack a beer rather than reach for the water bottle – always getting really tired at night also, the water will definitely help with that by keeping the hydration up.

    I don’t lift or do weight training only use body weight, pushups, planks and 5km cardio walk each day, in one week I have noticed the love handles disappearing and my stomach flattening out while those shoulders, chest and arms are getting plenty of love, core strength improving, less back pain.

    Awesome tips lads, cheers – currently at day 7 of my 30 day challenge. Will send before and after shots once complete.

    • Adam Becker

      Awesome work Ash. Sounds like you’re on the right track and making positive changes to your lifestyle, good going! 🙂
      Be sure to send some before and afters, we would love to see your progress.

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