Tracking your progress can be done in numerous ways. You’ll notice changes throughout the next 28 days, your endurance will increase, you’ll grow stronger and your body composition will adjust according to the specificity of your goals! Our team will be doing body composition tests so that we have a starting point to go off throughout the duration of your training with Rezolution Fitness! This is done by gathering all the required knowledge such as your body fat and lean mass percentage. This allows us to track your progress, by retesting to ensure that the specificity of your goal is being met.

Tracking can be done in other ways such as, progress photos, calorie counting, volume lifted each week etc.

Progress photos are a great way of physically seeing the changes your body has undergone over time, this method be done in as minimal clothing possible with a front, side and back shot. Calorie counting is crucial for ensuring that you’re keeping yourself at a deficit/surplus (depending on the specificity of your goal) until your targeted composition has been reached. Keeping track of the volume you lift each week, ensuring that you’re constantly pushing your body each week avoiding a plateau. Remember! If you aren’t pushing yourself then you aren’t improving!

Your progress should be tracked every 4-6 weeks to ensure that you’re moving in the right direction. This allows us to readjust how we train or how many calories we’re consuming to continue moving in the right direction. As our body composition changes so must our training and eating. Our BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) with the change, therefore our caloric intake must too be adjusted to appropriately nourish our body. 

This is important for the specificity of your goal, this way you can track just how far you’ve come over the 28 days. Giving you a basis to refer to when your fitness journey gets difficult! 

A positive change in body composition can bring about a positive mindset. By tracking, you can ensure a more definite approach to your training. By identifying the change in body composition since day 1, you can psych yourself up to keep going! Especially on those days where life gets in the way and you’re not quite “feeling it”.

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