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Are you passionate about inspiring people to achieve their best?

Do you strive for excellence in what you do?

If that’s the case, Rezolution Fitness has the career for you!

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At Rezolution Fitness we’re all about enhancing your personal training business so you do more of what you like, personal training and less of the cumbersome business stuff.  We know that as a new or existing Personal Trainer that the business side of things can be daunting. Having to do your own marketing, branding, advertising to generate leads, then having to convert those leads to sales. It can be complicated and it can take the fun out of being a Personal Trainer. That’s where Rezolution Fitness comes in. We offer a range of services, mentoring and training that maximise your profits.

  • As a Rezolution Fitness Personal Trainer you get:
  • An established brand
  • 10 week mentor program
  • Localised digital marketing campaigns
  • Localised traditional marketing campaigns
  • Personal training business tracking software
  • Personal training client management software
  • Payment management systems
  • Access to our professional website
  • Pre-designed sales packages
  • Sales and customer service training
  • PT program design training

Rezolution is the solution

As stated above, we know you started your Personal Training career for the love of fitness, people and seeing them achieve. However, no one told you about the “other side” to running your own Personal Training business.

  • Business registration costs.
  • Graphic design costs
  • Printing costs
  • Social media marketing costs
  • Traditional marketing costs
  • Website costs
  • Chasing client payments
  • Balancing books and tax
  • Designing all your business admin forms
  • General Business admin
  • Tracking your cash flow and forecasting.

There’s a lot to manage other than just training people and developing programs. The good news is Rezolution Fitness solves all of the above issues for you. We provide you with a model that simplifies your business so you can concentrate on converting leads, writing programs and making sure your clients achieve their goals.

How do we do this?

We’re able to provide a business model to our personal trainers that simplifies the everyday processes needed to run a successful small business.

Rezolution Fitness Personal Trainers have access to our established and reputable brand. This allows prospective clients to instantly identify with our personal trainers via our brand.

With our in-house graphic design team, we can create promotional material customized for each personal training location at no costs.

Our Marketing team take care of both digital and traditional marketing channels. We conduct this on two levels, the first being a national level in which head office creates blanket marketing campaigns and promotions that cover all Personal Trainers. Secondly, we create local area marketing incentives to drive leads directly to you, the Personal Trainer.

Once you have the leads, we offer the sales training to help you convert them. Sales training can be face-to-face or done online through our mentor program. Our sales manager will contact you and guide you through our process’s. This is highly important, high lead conversions means more profit for you the trainer.

Not only do you get a brand, marketing and sales support you get a whole range of supporting documents, operations manual’s and 24/7 head office support.

With Rezolution Fitness, personal training has never been more easier.


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